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I want to create a more empathetic world

I was having a conversation last night with some friends about what is on each of our hearts in terms of needs we see in the world. As I thought about what seems to be of core importance to me, I realized that the essential thing I'm chasing after is empathy. I want to help create a more empathetic world. After all, a more empathetic world is one in which injustices are far fewer as we see each other as human beings deserving of love and respect.

I know ... sound the "delusions of grandeur alarm".

But here's the thing. Empathy is such an essential thing to navigating our world, to making life work, to learning new skills, to having relationships. And while I think in many ways our world has become more connected and more empathetic, I think we still have a long way to go. After all, if we really excelled at empathy, there wouldn't be more than 45 million people currently enslaved around the world right now (find out more about this by checking out the International Justice Mission site).