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STOP - Beta Reader Copy

Thank you for your interest in reading my soon to be published novel, Stop.

Jake discovers lost footage of his dad who went missing twenty years ago when he was only a boy. To his horror, in the final reel of 16mm film shot by his dad during strange experiments involving jumps through time, his dad is attacked by another man. Before Jake can begin to wrap his head around the possibility that his dad has not been missing for two decades but may have been murdered, he finds himself staring at an image of his current, adult self in the 20-year-old footage holding up a sing with one word...


But what does it mean? Could Jake stop trying to discover what happened to his dad? Can he save his father and undue the past?

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And of course, if you want to read something more polished and support an indie sci-fi author, I invite you to check out my Books Page where you can find all of my published titles, which are available as eBooks for instant access (the best way to go during this social distancing period).

If you like stories like Bladerunner, Inception, or Altered Carbon, you will want to dive into my novel, Sleepwalker. 

My first novel, Unidentified, is also available as an audiobook now too.

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