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Hi, I'm Mikel J. Wisler and I am a storyteller.

Storytelling is my life. By day, I'm a commercial and documentary filmmaker. By night, I'm a science fiction author. Stories are one of the key ways we make sense of life. I love science fiction because I think it is a genre uniquely equipped to explore philosophical questions and speculate about where humanity is headed next. Through my blog and my podcast, I explore how we as people encounter and wrestle with meaning of life questions in the stories we love.

Besides writing novels and short stories, I have written & directed many short films that have played at festivals domestically and abroad. Several of those shorts even snagged some nominations and awards. I'm also an avid reader of SF fiction and science non-fiction.


I was born in Brazil, South America, where I spent most of my childhood, and now live on the south shore of Boston, Massachusetts, with my wife and daughter. When I'm not making short docu-vids and writing novels, I listen to audiobooks as if my life depends on it.


I invite you to sign up for my mailing list below and grab a free copy of my novel, Unidentified. My mailing list is a great way to keep up with my latest podcast episodes, engage me in discussions about stories that you love, and find out about new books and short stories I'm releasing. Let's explore life through stories together!

Thank you so much for stopping by!


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Official Selections:

  1. 2022 GenreBlast Film Fest

  2. 2022 Shockfest Film Festival

  3. 2022 Long Island International Film Expo

  4. 2022 Norwescon's Speculative Film Fest

  5. 2022 Sci-Fi London

  6. 2017 Diamond in the Rough Film Festival

  7. 2017 Los Angeles CineFest (Semi-Finalist)

  8. 2017 CINEPLAY Film Awards

  9. 2016 Boston Science Fiction Film Festival

  10. 2016 Independent Days Film Festival, Germany

  11. 2015 TOFF The Online Film Festival

  12. 2015 6th KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival, India

  13. 2015 Grace Film Festival

  14. 2014 Film Open Mic Online Film Festival

  15. 2014 Chéries-Chéris Festival (France)

  16. 2014 QUEER-Streifen Film Festival (Germany)

  17. 2014 Homochrom Filmfest (Germany)

  18. 2014 TOFF The Online Film Festival

  19. 2014 SENE Film, Music, and Arts Festival

  20. 2013 Dam Short Film Festival

  21. 2013 Boston Science Fiction Film Festival

  22. 2013 River Bend Film Festival

  23. 2012 Dam Short Film Festival

  24. 2012 Lifetree Film Fest

  25. 2012 Boston Science Fiction Film Festival

  26. 2011 Dam Short Film Festival

  27. 2011 SNOB Film Festival


  29. 2011 LAFSC Alumni Film Festival

  30. 2011 Vegas Media Xpo

  31. 2010 River Bend Film Festival

  32. 2009 Terror Film Festival

  33. 2009 Hollywood East Film Festival

  34. 2009 Dam Short Film Festival

  35. 2009 Southern Appalachian International Film Festival

  36. 2009 ShockerFest

  37. 2009 Sacramento Horror Film Festival

  38. 2008 International Film Festival of India (Short Film Center)

  39. 2008 The Indiana Festival of Independent Film and Video

  40. 2008 The IUSB IVFF

Awards & Nominations:


  1. Best Romantic Comedy @ 2017 Top Indie Film Awards, April Ed. (prod.)

  2. Best Short Film @ 2016 Philadelphia Independent Film Awards (prod./dir.)

  3. PS Award 2015 on Rogue Cinema (writer/dir.)

  4. Audience Favorite Regional Short Film @ 2014 SENE Festival (prod.)

  5. Best New England Short Film @ 2012 Boston Sci-fi Film Fest (prod./dir.)

  6. The Precious Award @ 2011 Maverick Movie Awards (dir.)

  7. Best Short Film @ 2011 Vegas Media Xpo (prod.)

  8. Best Screenplay @ 2009 Terror Film Festival (writer/dir.)

  9. 2007 Cinephile Film Arts Grant (dir.)



  1. Best Editing @ 2022 Long Island International Film Expo (writer/editor/prod.)

  2. Semi-Finalist @ 2017 Los Angeles CineFest (writer/dir.)

  3. Best Short Films @ 2017 Top Indie Film Awards, April Ed. (prod.)

  4. Best Original Idea @ 2017 Top Indie Film Awards, April Ed. (prod.)

  5. Best Special Effects @ 2015 Maverick Movie Awards (dir.)

  6. Best Screenplay @ 2012 Maverick Movie Awards (writer/dir.)

  7. Best Special Effects @ 2012 Maverick Movie Awards (dir.)

  8. Best Special Effects @ 2011 Maverick Movie Awards (dir.)

  9. Best Regional Short Film @ 2011 SNOB Film Festival (dir.)

  10. Best Horror Short Film @ 2009 ShockerFest (dir.)

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