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"I do have a particularly philosophical approach to sci-fi in that I see the genre as being uniquely equipped to wrestle with metaphysical and existential questions. In fact, I blogged a while back about the specific reasons I feel sci-fi is the most philosophical genre available to us." Read more.

Blog Interview about Sleepwalker - March, 2019

Featured in New Adventures in Sci-fi


Wisler discuses his novel, Sleepwalker. Listen below.

Radio/Podcast Interview about Sleepwalker - March 2019

Featured in Citywide Blackout


"I’ve been in love with stories since childhood. Movies first captured my imagination, but I eventually discovered sci-fi novels and short stories. Even at a young age, I had a lot of questions about life and it’s meaning. And I found in stories a really great way to try to make sense of those questions." Read More.

Magazine Interview - June 2018

Featured in Boston Voyager


Wisler discuses his cyberpunk short film, "Empathy O.D."Listen below.

Radio/Podcast Interview about "Empathy O.D." - April 2017

Featured in Citywide Blackout


"I love being able to really dive into areas of life in stories that don’t always come up in casual daily life but that do pose very real ethical and practical issues when push comes to shove. We put ourselves in the shoes of the characters and ask ourselves how we would respond." Read more.

Author Interview - 2016

Featured in Interviews with Writers

"Wisler and company deliver a thinking person's short film that taps into some pretty primitive areas, including what it means to exist in the field of time, what it means to live, to love and lose and finally to die." -  Nicholas La Salla  Read more .

Film Review of "Parallel" - 2016

"Parallel" Examines Life, Sci-Fi & What It Means To Love In Smart New Short Film


Wisler discuses his novel, Unidentified. Listen below.

Radio/Podcast Interview about Unidentified - September 2015

Featured in Citywide Blackout

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"I recall seeing and then reading Jurassic Park and being so sucked into the possibilities of what science fiction had to offer. So, I started writing my own stories." Read more .

Author Interview - 2016

Featured in Book Reader Magazine

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