M i k e l   J .  W i s l e r

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Mikel J. Wisler's Directoring Reel:


"[Playing with Ice] is a wonderful and satisfying short that speaks volumes about what we hold inside and the damage it causes. Wisler has made a life-affirming and nifty pseudo sci-fi movie all at the same time. Bravo!" - from Philip Smolen's review of "Playing with Ice" (Rogue Cinema)

"With only two actresses [Wisler] has explored how a duo have dealt with their situation. Until they come together, they had been surviving. When they meet, a contentious situation ensues. As they continue, confrontation turns into hope." - from Richard Morchoe's review of "Playing with Ice" (The Boston Film Industry Examiner)

"Wisler is quick to set up a decent premise, with a young woman arriving for an interview at the mysterious technology company Heri-Tech, it draws you into the film and the intrigue is only heightened by the creepy approach taken to the interview itself, when the door locks behind her there is a sense that anything could happen next." - Paul Anderson's review of "Playing with Ice" (Strangers in a Cinema)

Festivals and Awards:

Official Selections:

- 2015 Grace Film Festival

- 2014 Film Open Mic Online Film Festival

- 2014 Chéries-Chéris Festival (France)

- 2014 QUEER-Streifen Film Festival (Germany)

- 2014 Homochrom Filmfest (Germany)

- 2014 TOFF (The Online Film Festival)

- 2014 SENE Film, Music, and Arts Festival

- 2013 Dam Short Film Festival

- 2013 Boston Science Fiction Film Festival

- 2013 River Bend Film Festival

- 2012 Dam Short Film Festival

- 2012 Lifetree Film Fest

- 2012 Boston Science Fiction Film Festival

- 2011 Dam Short Film Festival

- 2011 SNOB Film Festival


- 2011 LAFSC Alumni Film Festival

- 2011 Vegas Media Xpo

- 2010 River Bend Film Festival

- 2009 Terror Film Festival

- 2009 Hollywood East Film Festival

- 2009 Dam Short Film Festival

- 2009 Southern Appalachian International Film Festival

- 2009 Sacramento Horror Film Festival

- 2008 International Film Festival of India (Short FIlm Center)

- 2008 The Indiana Festival of Independent Film and Video

- 2008 The IUSB IVFF


- Audience Favorite Regional Short Film @ 2014 SENE Festival (prod.)

- Best New England Short Film @ 2012 Boston Sci-fi Film Fest (dir.)

- The Precious Award @ 2011 Maverick Movie Awards (dir.)

- Best Short Film @ 2011 Vegas Media Xpo (prod.)

- Best Screenplay @ 2009 Terror Film Festival (writer/dir.)

- 2007 Cinephile Film Arts Grant (dir.)


- Best Screenplay @ 2012 Maverick Movie Awards (writer/dir.)

- Best Special Effects @ 2012 Maverick Movie Awards (dir.)

- Best Special Effects @ 2011 Maverick Movie Awards (dir.)

- Best Regional Short Film @ 2011 SNOB Film Festival (dir.)

- Best Horror Short Film @ 2009 Sacramento Horror Film Fest (dir.)