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Cyberpunk with a diverse cast of characters and twisted plot that will keep you guessing. Out now in hardback and ebook.


A blend of sci-fi & horror dealing with UFOs and alien abductions. Out now on Kindle and paperback.

Exploring Hope and Sacrifice: A Journey Through Two Free Sci-Fi Short Stories

If happened upon my site and would like a low-risk introduction to the kinds of things I wrote, I’ve got a couple of short stories you can check out for free. You don’t even need to sign up for a mailing list or anything. Baffling, right? These two sci-fi stories explore human resilience, sacrifice, and hope during the toughest times. Here’s a little about each and where to find them.

1. Falling Sunward: A Desperate Mission to Mars

In “Falling Sunward,” we meet a lone woman astronaut who embarks on a last mission to save humanity. Crash-landing on the rust-red surface of Mars, her mission goes beyond personal survival; she carries the weight of preserving what remains of humankind on the abandoned lunar colonies.

The story is brilliantly narrated for StarShipSofa by Tatiana Grey. Here is where you can listen to the story without paying a dime:

2. Peace Among the Stars: A Tale of Interspecies Friendship and Diplomacy

In “Peace Among the Stars,” takes place on a space station where humanity and an alien species engage in crucial diplomatic talks after a tumultuous war. Chaplain Lissy Avila’s friendship with one alien suddenly captures the attention of the new head of human diplomatic efforts. She tries to convince Earth's politicians to treat the aliens with kindness and understanding.

As the Christmas holiday approaches, the chaplain shares the significance of this tradition, drawing inspiration from a fantasy writer of the past cherished by many humans. However, unbeknownst to her, her words spark an unexpected chain of events as tensions between the alien species and humans escalate.

T.T. Linse of Creator of Words blog who first approached me about writing a Christmas-themed short story for her blog, referred to my story as “an amazing and uplifting read.” You can see if you agree with her by reading the story for free here:

I invite you to check out either or both of these short stories to see how you like my writing. Then, venture over to the Books page on this site and grab a copy of one my novels.

Happy reading,


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