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The Quest for Meaningful Sci-Fi...

Socrates claimed that the unexamined life is not worth living. Storytelling is an essential way in which human beings examine life and make sense of our world. Today, neuroscience and evolutionary psychology confirm that we survive by creating narratives.


That's why I say...


Stories are essential to life.


- Mikel J. Wisler



Who do you become when everything you know about yourself turns out to be a lie?

Michael Crichton meets Blade Runner in this near-future thriller about reprograming the human brain and the terrifying prospect of who might wield such power. Riley has her whole life turn from her by strangers who claim she is not who she believes herself to be.

Out now in hardcover and ebook wherever books are sold.

"Wisler expertly combines breakneck action with philosophical debates about personality and identity, leaving readers exhilarated until the extraordinary conclusion."

- Publishers Weekly


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Why Meaningful Sci-Fi?

You don't have to choose between an exhilarating plot and rich characters, or between an entertaining journey and meaningful speculations about life. The best science fiction does this naturally. Making sense of life, asking the tough ethical questions, and empathizing with characters who may be quite different from us are things I believe even the most fast-paced, thrilling, and surprising novels can do.

But exhilarating and meaningful sci-fi doesn't happen by accident. Lasting stories that explore life's core mysteries are scrawled by storytellers who genuinely seek to make sense of our human experience, all while entertaining. This is always my aim.

Let's explore life together through meaningful science fiction that features diverse characters and gripping real ethical questions we face as individuals and as a society in our immediate future. Let's imagine a brighter future, dare to stare deeply into the moral uncertainties that lie ahead, experience life through the eyes of a wide range of perspectives, and discover what really makes us human. We can do this and have a hell of a ride too.

Start Reading Today.

We are living in a unique moment in human history where the boundaries between science fiction and social reality are, well... paper-thin.

Let's begin exploring our future today.

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A troubled FBI Agent. A disturbing series of alien abductions. In three days, a local girl will vanish for good. As Agent Mitchell rushes to solve the case she uncovers a far more sinister reality than she ever imagined.

Out now in Paperback, eBook, and Audiobook.

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