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a novel



She was reprogrammed.


Her identity buried.


To uncover the Truth,


She will have to choose.


Sci-fi / Thriller

324 pages


a novel



A troubled FBI agent enlists the help of her former therapist to uncover the truth behind a young woman's claims to have been abducted by aliens only a year after a young boy made similar claims and went missing. Read more...


Sci-fi / Horror / Mystery

191 pages

Short films 2.0:

Getting Noticed in the YouTube Age.




Short Films 2.0 explores how short filmmaking has adapted to the online world, why these changes have occurred, and how filmmakers can go about creating new short films that engage audiences. Read More...


Non-fiction / Filmmaking

132 pages

Suspicious Behavior

a sci-fi short story


A young man striving for a new life discovers that his father's sins still haunt his steps.


Sci-fi / Thriller


Published by DoxaNoûs Media.


a sci-fi short story

Billions of miles from home, an empty spacecraft hides a dark secret.

Sci-fi / Thriller


Published by DoxaNoûs Media.

Empathy o.d.

a sci-fi short story


In the near future, much of humanity has lost the ability to empathize without the use of powerful drugs.


Sci-fi / Noir

Published by Alfar.

Coming in 2019 ...



a novel


Based on the award-winning short film by Wisler


Sci-fi / Thriller


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A Storyteller's Quest for Meaning

Examining life through the stories I love.

February 18, 2019

On this snowy President's Day, I thought I'd take a moment to share what's happening. I'm closing one chapter of my creative life and doubling down on the new one by reinventing my personal brand as a science fiction author Here's why...

Mentioned in the video:

Daniel Pr...

June 10, 2018

I've been chipping away at reading through The Mammoth Book of SF Stories by Women. It's a fantastic volume and I can't recommend it enough. I've really been enjoying the stories selected by the editor. One of my favorite stories so far is "Spider the Artist" by Nnedi...

May 14, 2018

I've been catching up on some books I've been meaning to get around to reading. That includes books by authors who have written books that have had a great influence on me. This past week I cranked through Michael Crichton's State of Fear. There are some spoilers ahead...

April 6, 2018

Do we have a new sci-fi classic movie from Spielberg?

That's probably going to be hotly debated for quite a while, but Spielberg's adaptation of the novel by Ernest Cline, Ready Player One, feels like a blend of the more classic tone and adventure vibe of E.T. and the l...

March 28, 2018

I have been encouraged by a few friends to check out more podcasts. I listen to a lot of audiobook, but I have not been as diligent about listening to podcasts. But now that I'm being more intentional about checking out podcasts I'm finding that there is some really gr...

February 10, 2018

As an artist, it can be pretty hard to know when to play it safe and when to take big risks. The whole artistic endeavor is fraught with risks and uncertainty. It can also be incredibly lonely. Non-artistically inclined friends and family may not always understand what...

January 26, 2018

A profound divide exists between you and me. It is so basic to our daily human existence that most of us never really acknowledge it. But all the same, it is very real. As inescapable as our ever present need to breathe to stay alive, this divide is part of what it mea...

January 22, 2018

I've been doing some research for the second edition of my book, Short Films 2.0: Getting Noticed in the YouTube Age. One area that I'm particularly keen on expanding is the developing reality and complexities in the film festival circuit these days. The past 18 years...

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