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a novel



She was reprogrammed.


Her identity buried.


To uncover the Truth,


She will have to choose.


Sci-fi / Thriller

324 pages


a novel



A troubled FBI agent enlists the help of her former therapist to uncover the truth behind a young woman's claims to have been abducted by aliens only a year after a young boy made similar claims and went missing. Read more...


Sci-fi / Horror / Mystery

191 pages

Short films 2.0:

Getting Noticed in the YouTube Age.




Short Films 2.0 explores how short filmmaking has adapted to the online world, why these changes have occurred, and how filmmakers can go about creating new short films that engage audiences. Read More...


Non-fiction / Filmmaking

132 pages


a sci-fi short story

Carol has everything she needs thanks to her helpful AI program. But who is really being served?

Sci-fi / Thriller
Published by DoxaNoûs Media.


a sci-fi short story

A sensory augmentation marketing freelancer opertating just outside of the law takes on a gig that demands more than he bargained for.

Sci-fi / Crime
Published by DoxaNoûs Media.


Falling sunward
a sci-fi short story

A lone astronaut crash-lands on Mars on a desparate mission to save the last of humanity.

Published by StarShipSofa


a sci-fi short story

Billions of miles from home, an empty spacecraft hides a dark secret.

Sci-fi / Thriller
Published by DoxaNoûs Media.

Suspicious Behavior
a sci-fi short story
A young man striving for a new life discovers that his father's sins still haunt his steps.
Sci-fi / Thriller
Published by DoxaNoûs Media.

Empathy o.d.
a sci-fi short story
In the near future, much of humanity has lost the ability to empathize without the use of powerful drugs.
Sci-fi / Noir
Published by Alfar.

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