Researching a Realistic Cyberpunk Novel

I love science fiction that is grounded in real science and has some level of historical precedent in terms of how societies and people tend to behave. Because of this, for my latest novel, Sleepwalker, I did quite a bit of research. I found myself drawing from a wide range of sources covering neuroscience, nanotechnology, and even the declassified history of previously classified research done by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). That's who we can thank for everything from advanced military weaponry to the internet. In the following short video I discuss a few of my sources that profoundly shaped Sleepwalker.

Of course, the research is all in the service of a compelling story. You can check out Sleepwalker for yourself and contemplate the challenges and profound existential questions humanity faces in the coming decades as technology and our biology will become inextricably mixed. Are we ready for what the future holds? Are we asking the right questions? What questions do you have that I didn't cover in the book?


© 2020 by Mikel J. Wisler.

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