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Cyberpunk with a diverse cast of characters and twisted plot that will keep you guessing. Out now in hardback and ebook.


A blend of sci-fi & horror dealing with UFOs and alien abductions. Out now on Kindle and paperback.

How SF Helps Us Live Through Rapid Change

If you have ever wanted a well-researched and highly engaging overview of how science fiction has developed over the decades and how it has affected and reflected on our rapidly changing culture, this is a must-read for you. I love Sherryl Vint's new book for MIT Press so much that I invited her to be a guest on Exploring Tomorrow.

Vint is a professor at the University of California, Riverside, where she teaches Media & Cultural Studies with a focus on science fiction. She has authored several non-fiction books on topics related to science fiction and its impact on our world. This latest book, simply titled Science Fiction, is part of the MIT Press Essential Knowledge Series and is a wonderful overview of what is happening in SF literature in recent decades and how it has become a broader-reaching genre with greater diversity of voices.

In the latest episode of my podcast, Vint and I discuss how this book came about and what she wishes more people understood about science fiction. I invite you to take a listen below and to grab of copy of her books. You can learn more about Sherryl Vint here:

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