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Cyberpunk with a diverse cast of characters and twisted plot that will keep you guessing. Out now in hardback and ebook.


A blend of sci-fi & horror dealing with UFOs and alien abductions. Out now on Kindle and paperback.

The Hidden Gem You Should be Reading

I recently read a fantastic novel by B.P. Marshall that I wish more people were aware of. The Last Circus on Earth is a post-climate change adventure novel that features a ragtag group of misfits who are part of a sinister circus traveling through a very broken Europe in the near future. The unlikely hero of the story, Blanco, is an albino young man who must endure a torturous existence as part of the circus's freak show. This might not sound quite like science fiction, but trust me. It dives deep into some great science fiction territory with a strong sense of direction and wonderful speculation about the future of our species.

I recently invited B.P. Marshall to come on to my podcast, Exploring Tomorrow: Meaningful Science Fiction and Life's Big Questions. I have a wonderful time picking his brain and learning from him what inspired him to write this hidden gem of a novel that won the Fantasica SF Prize. You can listen or watch the episode of my podcast featuring B.P. Marshall below. You can learn more about Marshall's work and grab your own copy of his fantastic novel at his website,

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