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Sci-fi and the Portrayal of Scientists

Before I was a filmmaker, I was a sci-fi writer. I'm still a sci-fi writer. What can I say, I'm a huge nerd and I love it. I recently came across a video I hadn't seen of Ben Affleck doing part of the Criterion Collection edition commentary on the movie Armageddon. It brought back some memories and made me realize something about the film I hadn't years ago.

I haven't seen Armageddon in a long time. I saw it in theaters and then got a VHS copy of the film for Christmas. I was only in high school in '98 when the film came out. But even as a high schooler, I have to admit that between Armageddon and the other "a huge asteroid is about to hit earth" blockbuster of that era, Deep Impact, I was a little more into Deep Impact. The plot and characters struck me as slightly more authentic than Michael Bay's rather silly concept of a gang of oil drillers magically turned astronauts.

Take a look at this short segment from Affleck's commentary for Armageddon: