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The Best Sci-Fi Movies and Books Ever?

Is it possible to establish a Sci-Fi Canon?

That would take some doing, wouldn't it? And who would be in charge of collecting the material for this canon? Would it be a closed or open canon that would be allowed to evolve over time?

It is a few years old, but this rundown of the top 10 science fiction movies selected by CineFix is still quite compelling. Have you seen these films? Do you agree with this top 10 list?

But that's just movies. What of novels?

I recently came across a pretty cool iOS app called SciFi Booklist. It's a handy tally of all the novels that have won Hugo and Nebula Awards (the two giants of literary science fiction awards). It's the closest thing we might have to a canon of Sci-Fi novels. The app is free. So if you're curious at all about what's on that list and would like an easy way to check off what you have ready, definitely check out SciFi Booklist.

I'm excited to have an easy way to track my reading progress as I work my way through more of these monumental books that have shaped the genre. It's no small task, for sure. And it's not like I'm not reading more recent things. I just finished book two of The Expanse novels.

What are you reading or watching these days? What's got you intrigued? Do you think it will be something lasting we'll be talking about ten or twenty years from now? Why?

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