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Return to Citywide Blackout on WEMF

Last week, I had the privilege of being a being a guest on Citywide Blackout on WEMF Radio. It was my second appearance on the show. My first appearances on Citywide Blackout was back in 2015 not long after releasing my first novel, Unidentified.

This time around I got a chance to chat about my latest short film, "Empathy O.D." as well as my non-fiction book, Short Films 2.0: Getting Noticed in the YouTube Age. The show's host, Max Bowen, is always a pleasure to chat with and he asked some great questions about what inspired the story of "Empathy O.D."

As a storyteller, it is always my hope that people are connecting with the central conflict and emotional core of the stories I'm sharing. I tend to write a lot of stories born out of my own questions, fears, and hopes. The creation process can be pretty uncertain, but to hear people like Max connecting with and discussing my latest short film helps me know that I'm accomplishing my mission.

I invite you to check out the full radio show. The guests are great and from a wide range of creative crafts. My interview begins around the 1:12:00 mark. If you'd like to watch "Empathy O.D.", the video is below. In the coming weeks, the short story "Empathy O.D." is based on and which I wrote before making the film will be published in Alfar Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine.

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