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Cyberpunk with a diverse cast of characters and twisted plot that will keep you guessing. Out now in hardback and ebook.


A blend of sci-fi & horror dealing with UFOs and alien abductions. Out now on Kindle and paperback.

The Big Sick: A Better Kind of Romantic Comedy.

In the latest episode of Only a Movie, we got to see and discuss the movie, The Big Sick. I really found this romantic comedy based on a true story to offer up some very refreshing reflections on the hard work that goes into being open and vulnerable in relationships. Within the story of The Big Sick are lots of things worth contemplating and even applying to our lives in more than just romantic relationships. I highly recommend the film. Below, you can check out the full episode of Only a Movie that features our in depth discussion of The Big Sick. Did you see the movie? What did you think?

What movie should we cover next on Only A Movie?

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