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Stories Are Good for Us, But Are We Getting Good Stories?

In the past, I've written a bit about the neuroscience of storytelling and specifically about four key ways stories help us survive. As I continue creating content the Stories by the River YouTube channel, it occurred to me that discussing such topics in short videos busy people can watch seems like a good idea. So here is the first one:

If you'd like to take three more minutes and learn a little more about the science behind these claims, I recommend the following video from D News.

I think Anthony Carboni is right, if we want to really increase our intellect and our emotional intelligence, we need to be purposeful about the stories we expose ourselves to. Forming good reading and viewing habits is a big part of that. Just like working out helps our brains be in good shape, reading good novels and watching thoughtful films can help us be more well rounded, empathetic, and intelligent people. But it takes purposeful investment. Just as we can't expect to run a marathon without training first, we shouldn't expect to be able to pick up a copy of War and Peace have a grand ol' time reading it. That's probably something most of us need to work up to as we develop good reading habits. That's certainly something I've been working on this year. And currently I have an even split between the number of novels and non-fiction books I've read so far. How about you? Do you try to be intentional about the kinds of books and movies you check out? What is your method?

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