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Cyberpunk with a diverse cast of characters and twisted plot that will keep you guessing. Out now in hardback and ebook.


A blend of sci-fi & horror dealing with UFOs and alien abductions. Out now on Kindle and paperback.

I'm Terrified of Amazon; Here's Why

Now and then, a novel comes out that really nails down the troubling realities of where we are headed and the precise nature of the fire we don't even realize we're playing with. The Warehouse by Rob Hart is definitely one of those books. I read it in December 2019 and found it quite fascinating. A year later, while doing all my Christmas shopping online, I felt haunted by this novel and realized it was something I wanted to have more conversations about.

Why? Well, let me tell you...

What do you think? Have you read Hart's novel? Is it a cautionary tale or satire?

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