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The Evolution of Short Films Part 1

YouTube has not been around for that long. But it sure has become a regular part of many people's daily lives. But one of the most amazing things that YouTube (and by extension all similar video sharing platforms) has accomplished in just over a decade is a pretty dramatic overhaul of the structure of short films. The old way of making short films is all but dead now.

Because of this, I wrote a book called Short Films 2.0: Getting Noticed in the YouTube Age. The book was published a year ago this week by DoxaNoûs Media. To celebrate that fact and to continue to help more filmmakers, I've created a five-part series of videos that serve as a solid overview of the crucial ways short films have changed and how new filmmakers can make the most of these seismic shifts.

One of the most exciting things for me is that the storytelling of short films is becoming increasingly creative even with incredibly limited resources and YouTube has brought many more diverse voices to larger audiences. I hope to help more people feel empowered to go tell their stories in increasingly effective ways that connect with bigger and bigger audiences.

If you'd like a free digital copy of Short Films 2.0, I'm giving it away for this month only (May 2017) to new subscribers to my mailing list.

You can check out part one of The Evolution of Short Films below.

Click here if you'd like to watch Part 2.

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