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Can Sci-Fi Help Us Fight Racism?

It's been a rough few months for American culture. Hell, it's been a rough several years! But the last several months have been particularly eye-opening for many people, myself included.

What do I mean? Come on, you know!

Yup, I'm talking about how significantly alive racism and xenophobia are in America in 2017. The embarrassing part of recognizing that these last few months have been eye-opening to me and others like me is that this only serves to illuminate that I'm in a position of comfort and privilege as a white middle-class male. For many others, the last few months have just been merely confirmation of what they have known and experienced all along: that America is still a very long way from being a post-racial nation and that hate and bigotry are all too real.

I'll admit right up front that I'm incredibly timid about writing a blog post on such a topic. I recognize how it might come across to have a white guy living in a liberal state, sipping his craft beer or fair trade coffee, writing about racial relations. Let me just be clear: I've got no answers to offer in this blog post, nor do I have any excuses. What I do have is a multicultural life as a Brazilian-born-and-raised missionary's kid who moved to Indiana at 14 and then to Massachusetts at 27. While I cannot claim to know everything about racial tensions in our culture, which run deep and back through generations, I have experienced what if feels like to be a perpetual outsider in various settings (too much to get into right now), and I have experienced profound friendships across many social