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Fake News and Ethical Storytelling

Don't worry. If you disagree with this blog post, you can just dismiss it as fake news.

I am currently leading a three-week study on a book by an old friend and philosophical and spiritual mentor, Chad Meister. In the first night, we discussed the concepts of objective truth versus relativism (the idea that whatever you believe is true for you and whatever I believe is true to me, even is our beliefs contradict). Then we got into talking about worldviews.

Relativism was quite in vogue for a while there in the 90s and early 2000s. It's never really quite gone away. But one thing has recently dramatically brought to light the inherent shortcomings of relativism: fake news.

Suddenly, it matters very much that there are objectively true and false statements and that something is true if it corresponds to reality, not just if I sincerely believe it. In the age of fake new, it would do us good if more of us decided to become "Mythbusters" and apply a healthy dose of skepticism to the things we might run across in our social media feeds. And this is true both of left and right leaning news feeds. We're all prone to confirmation bias.